With decades of experience, Chris has the skills to conduct any wedding, party, or function in a professional and exciting manner. His personality is engaging and interactive without turning your wedding into The Chris Culkeen Show. It is your day. He has a way of making sure the focus is on the couple getting married, without holding a spotlight on them all night long.

They state-of-the art sound system is second to none. It allows him to provide studio level audio quality at any volume; from "miking" the "I do's" and playing the lighter sounds for a ceremony, cocktail and dinner music, and cranking it up when appropriate for dancing.

He will work with you to build a playlist of music you want to hear at your wedding, and avoid the songs that you don't. Chris is also on the preferred vender list of many function venues such as The Historic Hawthorne Hotel, Danversport Yacht Club, The Corinthian Yacht Club, The Peabody-Essex Museum, Glen”


At the age of 13 Chris got his first job at a small radio station north of Boston. He soon had his own music show and never looked back

Wedding / DJ Services

Chris began playing at weddings at the age of 15 and has played at more than 3,000 events over the years. His ability to read the crowd, work with a playlist from the wedding couple, and bring a level of excitement to receptions are just a few of the reasons he has been one of the areas most beloved and trusted DJ's since he first began.

He has the skills to conduct any wedding, party, or function in a professional and exciting manner. His sound system and mixing board provides access to all music genres, and is powerful enough to handle the largest crowds and bass thumping dance music, yet subtle enough for the most intimate affairs and ceremony music.

With thirty years of experience on some of Boston's top radio stations, he is known for his distinct voice making the introductions at your event second to none. Chris is also on the top of the list of many function venues such as The Historic Hawthorne Hotel, Danversport Yacht Club, Riversbend of Essex, The Peabody-Essex Museum, and many others.

Chris DJs Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Outings, and More!

Chris is always in high demand to serve as MC and Auctioneer at fundraising events throughout the Greater Boston area. His dynamic personality helps him connect with the audience in such a way that they feel comfortable with him and trust him, He makes the evening energetic, entertaining, and fun, but most importantly he will make the event more profitable for your organization.

November 28, 1996

Thanksgiving Day has a special meaning for Tom Haught and Chris Culkeen, the two men who literally walked away from a plane crash in western Andover. Mr. Haught, a 23-year old pilot, successfully crash landed his single engine plane in a patch of woods near Osgood Street around 5:30 p.m. after the plane’s engine lost power.

Friendly Feud

When asked to host a traditional Trivia Night at a local bar Chris said "no thank you." He thought the format made a lot of people feel left out, it caused arguments, and in the age of the Smartphone it was too easy for people to cheat. He instead suggested a version of the classic TV Game Show The Family Feud he had created for a Corporate Event. Instead of one answer trivia questions, he asks survey questions with between 4 and 8 answers per survey. The scoring points are based on the number of answers in each survey. As the game goes on the points are doubled, or even tripled on some surveys, and teams can earn a bonus five points if they get a perfect score on a survey. With this scoring system no team is ever out of the game even if they start slow. This helps all players stay engaged and wanting to stay for the full game.

The Friendly Feud has been a huge success for the restaurants and bars that have hosted it, and just a whole lot of fun for anyone who plays. Some locations see 15 - 20 teams each week. The teams often have five or more players so you can see how the total number of people who are there to "Play The Feud" build up quickly.


DJing a wedding where there happened to be seven couples in attendance whose weddings he had also DJ’d

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